Dedicated to Restoring Goverment Of, By, and For We The People


Dedicated to Restoring Goverment Of, By, and For We The People


Dedicated to Restoring Goverment Of, By, and For We The People


Dedicated to Restoring Goverment Of, By, and For We The People


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Are you OK with the way things are, or do you think something is fundamentally wrong?

Does it seem like Americans are no longer in control of America? If We the People are no long in charge, who is? Do you realize that our entire government has been replaced by 'corporations,' actually 'foreign' corporations? Is it possible that this deception began way back, and the perpetrators have been slowly tightening the noose to the present point where they can dictate what we can do? Where there is an evil 'New World Order' being imposed on us.

Are you their property to control like cattle? A mandate is a good indication that they consider you to be their property.

No one has all the answers on how all this happened, but there is consensus on many of the key points. If you'd like to know what happened to our once great Constitutional Republic and how control has been wrestled away from the government we were promised, a government of, by, and for the people, we can help. We're the Sarasota Freedom Lovers and we're working to put the pieces together, make them understandable and available, AND to implement corrections & solutions starting at the local level. All government must first be local... Learn More


Correcting One's Political or Legal Status / Reclaiming One's Sovereignty

The research of hundreds of people over the past several decades points to the very likely possibility that we have been defrauded of many of our Natural, Inherent, Inalienable Rights via implied contracts, tacit agreements, and trusts without proper disclosure or consent.

Several of these thought leaders recommend reclaiming our full Natural Rights and declaring this on the public record. There are many additional things that may also be important and beneficial for us to do. This section will address the major pathways to sovereignty.Learn More

Fully Participating in Our Gov't Of, By, and For The People

Forming the Sarasota County Assembly where the Assembly discusses topics and reaches resolutions that are conveyed to various gov't entities, elected, and appointed officials to inform them how the people would like them to handle various issues.

Forming the Sarasota County Grand Jury where members of the Grand Jury would investigate various things and determine whether an elected or appointed official should be reprimanded, removed, and/or prosecuted.Learn More

Promoting Personal Health Freedom

COVID Related:

Masks are wrong and silly. There's no scientific evidence to support their use and NO LEGAL way that they can be MANDATED. Viruses are 100 times smaller than the openings in medical masks making them utterly absurd. Pieces of cloth, bandanas, scarves, etc. are literally a joke and an insult to our intelligence.

Social Distancing is more non-scientific nonsense based on wild-assed speculation of some armchair quarterback. The idea that an airborne virus can be spread 6 feet but not 6.5 feet is just plain ludicrous.

Vaccines, and what a person puts in their body is an individual choice. NO ONE has any authority or right to mandate a vaccine. Additionally, the so-called covid vaccines do not meet any definition of vaccine because they are NOT vaccines. Many top scientists believe, as we do, that they are bioweapons that will kill millions.Learn More


Is the WHO (World Health Organization) Attempting to Become the de facto One World Government?

Stop the WHO from controlling YOUR Health & Health Choices!

The WHO, part of the UN wants the 'authorization' to MANDATE masks, lockdown, vaccines, etc. and override the sovereignty of member nations. We the People MUST Object.

Florida Common Law Reference

Great reference on Florida's Common Law


Gave Up On The Human Race - George Carlin

Smartest Man Who Ever Lived

The flag we know and love... is the US Flag of WAR
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Birthright Citizenship

Reclaiming your proper birthright status as an American National.

Learn More

Common Law Grand Jury

We are currently learning the Grand Jury process.

Learn More

Notice of Liability

Cal Washington’s powerful work deals with the use of Notices of Liability.

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