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Membership Application & Agreement for
The Sarasota Freedom Lovers
A Common Law Private Membership Association (Club)

I request membership in the Sarasota Freedom Lovers Private Membership Association (PMA).

The PMA structure is to protect everyone involved from the onerous commercial, statutory, and public laws that infringe upon the rights of free, living men & women. I freely consent to the terms and conditions set forth below and in more detail in the Sarasota Freedom Lovers Private Member Association Common Law Declaration. Every member joins the Sarasota Freedom Lovers as a real flesh and blood living sentient man or woman in their natural and highest character, capacity, and standing, each fully equal to all other men or women members.

Predicated on the above and to protect all members from the application of public law, each member privately agrees to take responsibility for their own thoughts, words, and actions. In so doing, each member agrees to do due diligence regarding all activities they participate in as part of the association and make informed decisions based on their research and understanding.

Intent and Purpose: The intent of all members of this Private Membership Association (PMA) is to be able to privately meet, share, and obtain all available historical or newly developed data, facts, information, knowledge, and research about our lawful right to lead our lives as independent sovereign beings. Additionally, all members may participate in helping to educate others and help to restore our lawful government. A top priority is to assist in the establishment of County, State, and National Common Law Assemblies & Grand Juries.

Assertion of Rights by Members: In order to achieve the above stated purpose all members agree to assert, stand upon and enforce all their applicable fundamental, unalienable, constitutionally secured, judicially or statutorily created or recognized perfect rights as human creatures.

All members agree to assert and stand upon their unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness; private property; the specific constitutionally secured and included rights and any statutorily recognized rights or rights derived from a case decision including, but not limited to, the rights to freedom of association, speech, the press, privacy and especially regarding individual health and wellness care and acknowledge that all such rights are or can be applicable to all people. All members agree to assert, stand upon, and enforce all their perfect rights especially those expressly enumerated in Article I, Section 10 and Articles in Amendment one, Four, Five, Nine and Ten of the Florida and federal Constitutions that secures to each and every member of the PMA the absolute unalienable right to control their own body, mind, and spirit.

Type of Association: The PMA is a fully informed voluntary meeting of the minds of free people acting in their natural, real, character, capacity and standing; [5] associating together pursuant to the intent, purpose, express provisions, terms, conditions, and principles set forth in this agreement. The PMA is not a public entity of any kind whatsoever created by or under any governmental authority or statute. The PMA is formed under the Common Law.

Benefits of Membership: The PMA offers people only one thing, membership. Membership includes access to information, the fellowship of others seeking to expand upon and perfect their freedom/sovereignty, and to help reclaim our unique system of self-governance. No PMA member accepts any liability for any acts or omissions committed by either the PMA or by any other PMA member. Membership does not convey any right, title, or interest in the PMA or to any asset or property acquired or owned by the PMA.

Membership and Consideration: The PMA is open to every man or woman of lawful age who is competent to enter a lawful binding contract. As set forth above, although everyone is welcome to apply for membership, in order to protect the privacy of the PMA and the members thereof membership is neither offered nor available to any agent, employee, officer or official (person) engaged in any investigative or regulatory activity that is or may be relevant to the PMA by any state, federal or international government or governmental administrative agency; licensing association or board; any person engaged in any form of law enforcement performing any investigative activity or function or while acting in any official or quasi-official character or capacity whatsoever for any government or governmental authority.

Anyone in any such character and capacity privately requesting membership for the enhancement, preservation, and recovery of their individual freedom and sovereignty must agree to uphold the privacy of the PMA, and of any and all members, such person may come into contact with. Every person acting in any manner whatsoever for any administrative agency of any state, federal or international government must agree that this contract takes precedent over any public law and their employment or official position and agrees not to disclose anything seen, heard, or discovered through membership contact with the PMA and its members to any investigative or regulatory entity, state, federal or international.

Consideration for a One (1) year membership in the PMA is Twenty-five (25) Dollars, United States silver coin, real money of The united States of America, For simplicity, this may be paid in USD Federal Reserve Notes until other arrangements are made.

The administration of this contract and the PMA hereby created is generally beyond the scope of authority and powers granted by the people to the de jure Republic form of the government of Florida and the United States and is protected by no less than Article I, section 10, of the Constitutions for Florida and the United States and Articles in Amendment IX and X of the federal Constitution and the laws of the United States made in pursuance thereof.

Please complete the below account access information to signify your desire to be a member of the Sarasota Freedom Lovers Private Membership Association as well as your agreement to the above-mentioned principles.
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